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July 1, 2016

Footfall loves radio! Excited to report about twenty-five station adds in the first few weeks of the promotion for Whiskey Soaked Heart. Looking forward to July as our radio guru Peter from Twin Vision keeps in touch with triple-A stations across the US and northern Europe. If you haven't already liked us on Facebook do it now and you can stay current with radio news there.

Three big shout outs to June venues. Barely Brothers Records hosted our CD release and welcomed us into a friendly world of vinyl where everyone is kind and generous and knows more about music than you thought possible. Stone Arch Bridge Festival hosted us on the City Pages Stage with first-rate sound and management. What a joy to play next to the Mississippi River under the Central Avenue Bridge (even with high winds!) And last weekend we trekked to the Des Moines Art Festival and were treated to the extreme friendliness and hospitality of Iowans. Great venue and more gorgeous art from all over, tons to go back for another time. 

So it seems this post is mostly a story about the goodness of people. Well...that's refreshing. Thanks for having us, everyone. Up next are a couple of gigs at the Northeast Farmers Market (Minneapolis) and perhaps a last-minute surprise show or two (TBA). 

A happy summer to all! 

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